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  • Search for operators

    Accompanying the whole selection process of the right operator for each project.

  • Restoring

    The definition and sizing of each of the restoration units required and their management models.

  • Spa

    Creating and developing overall spa projects, both internally managed and outsourced.

  • Selecting and training staff

    Selecting all of the staff required by the different areas in the hotel, and providing specific and ongoing training for them.

  • Quality programmes

    Developing the quality programmes necessary for the correct functioning of the different areas, under strict ISO standards and subject to audits (Mystery Guest).

  • Information technologies (ICT) and systems

    Property Management Solutions (PMS).
    Advising on the selection and implementation of the right management and ICT programmes.

  • “Shadow Management”

    Selecting and deploying a temporary management team that will train the people who will be in charge in the future.

  • Legal support services

    Specific consultancy of the legal aspects of the hotel business.