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BSM Associates is an advertising agency founded in 1990 by Manuel Vergés and José Amorós.

Headquartered in Barcelona, BSM is a leader in the below-the-line universe of graphic creativity, PoS communication, packaging, events, scenography architecture and stands and promotions.

From the start, BSM created a prestigious portfolio of multinational and local customers in a variety of sectors, such as the food industry and mass consumption, the manufacturing industry, tourism and communications, finance, the restaurant business and other services, including participation in major events such as the Barcelona 92 Olympics or the Valderrama Ryder Cup.

Experts on major brands and on the processes and channels of demanding environments, they are noted for their service priority and customer proximity values.

BSM has also started collaborating with SBS, an agency that is contributing its long experience in above-the-line advertising and online communication. Through a joint venture of BSM and SBS, ADVERTIUM was created in a clear bid to offer a future with more, better and more efficient services.