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He is an architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona, specialising in Urban Development and obtaining an “outstanding” qualification with his degree in 1975.
He has a diploma in Landscape Architecture.

- Secretary-General of the Barcelona Professional Association of Landscape Gardening from1981 to 1984.
- From January 1988 up to the present he has been a member of Paisatgistes Consultors, a consultancy firm for gardening, landscape gardening and general technical consultancy.
- A Professor in the Doctorate Course (upper cycle) of "Landscape Architecture" in the U.P.C.; given by the E.T.S.A.B. (1988/89, 1989/90, and 1991/1992 courses).
- A founder of the firm Jardins Pedralbes S.L. (1994). This firm designs and builds parks and landscape gardening projects as well as selling gardening and landscaping products.
Twenty years’ experience in the fields of gardening and landscaping.
- Professional background
- Work performed
- A collaborator of Brown & Daltas of Rome (Italy) in the drawing up of the Urban Development and Gardening Project for the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) in Riyadh.
- He is co-author of multiple gardening projects, notably: the Organising and Gardening in the Industrial Polygon of the Barcelona Free-Trade Zone ordered by the Consortium of the same name; the first and second stages of the Organising of the gardens annexed to the office buildings in 62nd Street of the above Polygon.
- The Gardening work at the Prat de Llobregat National Airport (Barcelona), 1st stage.
- The remodelling of the Parc Güell in Barcelona as Works Director for the M. Rigola S.A. company.
- He is the co-author of the "Projecte d'ordenació i jardinería de la Plaça del Millenari".
- Together with the above tasks, he has developed his activities as an architect in both private and public projects.
- He is a member of the ATCL (Advanced Technology Centre for Landscape and Architecture) (Geneva (CH).