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He has spent his professional life working on hotel design. He is an interior designer in DIAC and has a degree in Applied Arts Design. During his professional life, he has been a Director of Consulai S.L and G5 Integral de Arquitectura, to later become Manager of Triade Studio and Area Interior Procurement. He has taken part in most of the projects of the Derby Hotels Collection.

Among his outstanding projects figure major works in the restaurant sector such as the new restaurants for the Barcelona Fair in Hospitalet (Montjuic 2), the Restaurante l’Univers, and the remodelling of the restaurant area of the Plaça del Univers in Fira Bcn (the Barcelona Fair), as well as the designing of the Higher School of Hostelry and Restaurants of the UAB in Bellaterra, the Rúccula Restaurant and the Maison de la Catalogne in Paris.
Since working as an interior designer in the Hotel Claris and the Hotel Balmes in Barcelona, he has carried out projects with this chain such as that of the Hotel Urban in Madrid, the Hotel Granados 83 in Barcelona and the Hotel Banke in Paris, among others.
Other significant projects can be mentioned, such as that of the Hotel Quilibra Aguas de Ibiza or the Balneario de Cardó for the Pascual Group or the Parador de Morella for Ditasa, as well as participation in several projects in the business context.