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Marco Julià holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economic and Business Science from the University of Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Management in Hospitality from the Cornell University in New York. He is co-author of the study case titled “Spain and Croatia; traditional vs. new markets”, published in the AIEST book Real Estate and Destination Tourism by Erich Schmidt Verlag and is the main author of the bestseller “Gestión de Calidad aplicada a Hostelería y Restauración”, published by Pearson Education / Prentice Hall. He is also a member of the CTN 167 / SC1 Restaurateur Sub-Committee of AENOR, whose purpose is the development of quality standards to be applied to the Spanish restaurant industry.

Throughout his professional career he has specialised in creating new ideas for the hotel and restaurant industries; for improving operations and profitability in hotels and restaurants; for implementing quality management systems in hotels and restaurants, and for developing strategic and expansion plans.

He has held high positions in management, marketing and sales in several companies specialising in the hostelry sector, such as THR, Restaurante Reno, Tapas Bar, Hotel Dynamics.

He is currently managing director of HMS-International Ltd. –a hotel and restaurant real estate and consultancy firm based in Spain, Zagreb and Croatia– and of Optimum Lokacija d.o.o –a real estate investment fund located in Croatia.