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Toni Olaya is an architect from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Catalonia Polytechnic University.

He is a founder of Factoría UDA, an architecture studio specialising in hostelry projects, with over 15 years of experience. Besides, he has carried out projects in other areas: commercial, residential, academic, industrial, leisure, etc.

He won the Second Prize in the Contest for the Head Office of the Professional Association of Architects of Eastern Andalusia and of the District of Granada, together with Vicente Sarrablo, Cristóbal Torrent and Guillermo Carreras. In 2006, he was a finalist for the Girona District Prizes with the CABALLERO-SANTOS residence in Llafranc and in 2009 he was awarded First Prize of the GISA Contest for the Regional Firemen’s Headquarters in Girona and the local Fire Station in Fornells de la Selva, Girona.